Our Pies

Since the beginning of time, man and woman have been intrigued by the apple.

We at Whole Fruit Pie Company have searched the globe leaving no stone unturned and have successfully brought 3 worlds together. We have found and perfected recipes that have been passed through generations and have stood the test of time.

We’ve taken your grandma’s baked apple, your mom’s freshly baked pie, and combined them with the world’s best caramel apple to come up with our exclusive maple salted caramel molten explosion of deliciousness.

We use the whole nutritious apple (core removed, of course), pack the center with our maple salted caramel blend, and wrap it with a flakey golden crust.

We are proud to bring to you and your family The Next Generation of Pies…


There’s a whole apple in every Apple Bomb!

We hand-make each and every pie using only the finest and freshest ingredients found anywhere. Whole Fruit Pie Company evolved from Josh’s home kitchen and after years of trial and error, he came up with the perfect recipe and the Apple Bomb was born. After extensively testing our recipes on both family and friends alike, we finally got it right!

Josh grew up in Westchester, New York where apple picking at the local orchard with his family was a yearly event to celebrate the autumn harvest. His lifelong passion for country – fresh fruit pies, caramel apples from the county fair, and his mom’s “baked apple surprise” all came together to create the Maple Salted Caramel Apple Bomb!

Josh currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Diana, who runs the creative side of things and is also the official Whole Fruit Pie taster.

We hope you enjoy!

Josh Tabachnick



Maple Salted Caramel

Our signature flavor!

Peanut Butter'n Chocolate

The dynamic duo of sweets!
Silky smooth peanut butter, rich creamy
milk chocolate...Need we say more?

Coconut Spiced Pecan

A little of the Old South with a hint of the tropics.

Maple Bacon Bomb

The ultimate in savory meats sweet! We combine the meatiest, crispiest hardwood smokiest bacon with our signature salted maple caramel to create the perfect balance of flavors. This may just be the tastiest thing you'll ever eat!

All NEW!

Apple CinnaBomb

Warm and gooey Cinnabon© morsels delicately swirled with our Signature Salted Maple Caramel. A match made in heaven!

Check back soon for more awesome creations!